People inspire me

Human senses and human stories

My name is Sebastian Sliwinski,

I am an interior designer.


I will guide you through the process of creating your dream space

– whether you need the entire map or just individual signposts.

I start with the senses - the source of real emotions

My projects are created with the intention of intensely feeling the interior with all the senses. Providing sensations and emotions that will turn everyday activities into pleasant rituals. Creating a space that carefully surrounds all customer needs with comfort.


When designing, I don’t limit myself to style definitions. I often propose bold solutions or surprising combinations of textures and colors. I focus on reaching design concepts ideal for a given client, which will provide him with an exciting experience in his own interior.

how do i design?

with full attention

for the aesthetic, functional and emotional needs of the client.

With attention to detail

that seamlessly integrate the designed space.

With openness

for non-standard solutions that go beyond the schemes.