sebastian sliwinski studio

We believe that less is more philosophy leads every single project to success. Let's take this journey together and see what kind of a masterpiece we are going to create.

Interior & visualization

One of our specialties is creating 3D visualizations. We love to bring our clients’ projects to life by creating them in the third dimension. The process starting from a concept and ending with a completed project is what makes us fulfilled as artists. 

The other specialty we are as good in is interior design. Some of our team members including the CEO of our studio – Sebastian are professional interior architects. We are very happy that in our team there are people with so many different talents. Keeping the team versatile helps us to understand our clients at the highest possible level.

Latest Projects

Below you will find some of our latest projects. We provide both visualization and interior design services. Feel free to contact us for more details.


It's very important to see your project in 3D before presenting the idea to the client. It helps to understand many things such as lighting, proportions, materials and how they're all put together.


We can also help you to develop high-quality exterior images. Our experience is big enough to help you sell the idea to your potential client.

product design

We love to work on products. It's the simple, little things that make our life easier every day. Even if this is a stool, a wine rack or a mug. We can help you with any of your ideas!