sebastian sliwinski studio

I design interiors that tell stories. What kind of story is hidden in you?

A space of stylish experiments

In my studio, interiors elude schemes. They are looking for a way to meet the demanding needs of future owners – both aesthetic and functional. They allow them to rediscover themselves every day: they pleasantly surprise with the convenience of solutions, please the eyes with unforced elegance, delight with the full harmony of colors and shapes. They give joy to be.

idea. creation. emotion

Warm relief, unwavering peace, consummate elegance… How should your interior greet you?

Together, let’s create a style that will evoke real emotions.

interior design

They combine high functionality with bold solutions and world-class design, creating spaces full of comfortable luxury.

3d visualization

Photorealistic 3D visualizations that fully allow you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the interior and almost feel the texture of the materials under your fingers.

latest projects

Discover the stories told by the interiors and exteriors of my clients.